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To sustain its relevance and vitality for the long haul, EMC strives to excel at attracting and retaining talented people who reflect the diversity of its global marketplace and who can help EMC innovate new solutions for its customers. That's why building a fully inclusive organization is not only a business imperative, but also a way of life for us.

We drive the value of inclusion from the top of our business down and from the bottom up, encouraging all employees to embrace the importance of creating a fully inclusive environment across EMC. Through various programs and initiatives, we embrace an inclusive atmosphere and provide employees with the resources and tools needed to continue to grow.

Our strategy has three dimensions: executive accountability, talent management, and global expansion of the inclusion initiative. Our executives are personally involved in executing EMC's longer-term goal of globalizing inclusion by implanting inclusion into every region where EMC does business. We support retention, development, and promotion across constituencies through targeted mentoring and coaching programs. We are also committed to expanding our global presence in key markets, thereby bringing us closer to our customers and allowing us to cultivate new talent worldwide.

As the demographics of the global marketplace continue to change, we must prioritize inclusion to remain a technology leader. At EMC, are working to ensure that we provide an inclusive culture where our employees feel that their new, innovative ideas are welcomed and appreciated.