EMC Multi-Generational Employee Circle

EMC's talent pool is as diverse as ever, you may have noticed, we have four different generations making up our workforce, Traditionalist, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and the new workforce Generation Y. As we work along aside one another each day and globally, we all bring our own values, goals, and different communication approaches to the workforce.

EMC is pleased to announce the formation of a new employee circle, Multi- Generational. This circle will enable EMC employees to gain awareness of multi generational learning styles, communication preferences, community outreach opportunities, leadership development strategies, and the generational challenges of managing work/life. This will be a network of EMC employees of all generations.

  • Provide and inclusive network to legitimize views of all generations.
  • Deliver programs/speakers/events to drive corporate wide awareness.
  • Critical engine to drive all multi-generational priority work streams.

Whether you are an employee who is a Traditionalist, Baby-boomer, Gen X or apart of the new workforce-Gen Y, here is an opportunity to come and network and learn about each generation.

For more information on how to join or if you are interested in volunteering, please contact Marie Gunning.

In an environment where organizations run lean and where resources are increasingly interdependent, we will help EMC ensure maximum productivity across multiple generations in the workforce.

In just a few years, EMC will stand apart as an industry leader well positioned to attract, retain and develop a cohesive, multi-generational workforce.

Candidates, new hires and current employees will point to unique attributes of the company’s culture and leadership mindset that distinguish EMC from it’s competitors, such as:

  • Communication
  • Training/Education
  • Teamwork/Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Tools & Technology
  • Provide an inclusive network to legitimize views of all generations.
  • Deliver programs/speakers/events to drive corporate-wide awareness of a multi-generation workforce.
  • Address needs and issues facing various generations.
  • Act as a resource for other multi-generational initiatives at EMC.

The Multigenerational Employee Circle runs multiple events during the course of the year, with both in-person and remote opportunities available for participation.

  • Summer Cruise 2011
  • Twitter 101 Lunch & Learn
  • LinkedIn 101 Lunch & Learn
  • EMC|One 101 Lunch & Learn


If you have any questions or comments about the Multigenerational Employee Circle, please contact any of the members of our Board of Directors:

  • Executive Sponsor - Bill Teuber
  • President - Marie Gunning
  • Vice President - Bonnie Bryce
  • Treasurer - Dan Reddy
  • Communications - DuWayne Harrison, Bernie Zelitch, and Marta Calixto
  • Recorder - Meghan OToole
  • Directors of Professional Development - Scott Ripley & Mitch Schneir
  • Directors of Community Outreach - Liz Busch & Jamie Anderson
  • Directors of Membership - Diane Cronin
  • Employee Circle Advisors - Cindy Gallerani, Melissa Levi & John Wolf