Indian Sub-Continent Employee Circle

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

—Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

The Indian Sub-Continent Employee Circle (ISEC) strives to help leverage the vitality, energy, knowledge, diversity, and ancient cultures of the Indian Subcontinent peoples to help make EMC a marketplace leader and the choice of employment for all. ISEC sponsors and organizes professional development seminars, community events, and networking events to help all EMC employees grow professionally and personally. EMC, with ISEC as the liaison, is a major sponsor of TiE Boston, which lets EMC receive benefits of TiE speakers and events free of charge for any EMC employee.

  • Support EMC's Diversity Vision
  • Partner with Corporate Diversity in EMC's Diversity Strategy, Living Diversity @EMC
  • Provide an all-inclusive organization that welcomes a diverse membership
  • Collaborate with Community Involvement, Corporate Staffing, College Relations, and other functions as needed
  • May not take the place of any EMC function (i.e. HR, College Relations, etc.)
  • Support all other EMC Employee Circles
  • Be representative of all voices in its membership

The ISEC sponsors numerous events during the course of the year, all designed to promote the role within EMC of employees from the Indian subcontinent. Every event hosted is designed to promote, encourage and facilitate dialogue about increasing diversity and inclusivity across all its business segments.

  • Diversity Speed Coaching
  • EMC Holiday Gala
  • Summer Harbor Cruise
  • Annual Summer Outing
  • US Department of State provides guidance on travel to the United States and around the world.

  • United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website provides updates on both non-immigrant and immigrant visa applications. Users can also search for case status by entering the receipt number for the petition issued by the USCIS.

  • United States Department of Labor provides information on the Labor Condition Applications for H1B applications. Also provides processing times for Labor Certificates.

  • World Clock information provides date and time information for locations around the world.

  • A Gateway to Government of India Info over the web.

  • 'Lokvani' translated literally means 'Public Voice'. The site aims to serve the Indian community in New England through this website.

  • Aap Ka Manoranjan is a leading South Asian entertainment company in New England, bringing quality entertainment all across the region. Their website provides details on events, concerts, grocery stores and a variety of resources.

TiE Gala 2011

TiE Gala 2011