EMC The Diversify Expand Meet Connect

The Diversify Expand Meet and Connect (DEMC) is an EMC Employee Circle that advances and makes visible, the roles, responsibilities, and contributions of all employees throughout EMC, thereby advancing the stature of EMC as the employer of choice for professionals.

DEMC is an EMC sponsored organization that provides a diverse support network and knowledge base for all EMC employees. All EMC employees are welcome to join.

Bringing together employees' with unique talents and perspectives; breaking down barriers with effective communication and making EMC a formidable force in the global business community. To advance EMC in becoming the employer of choice by promoting awareness and understanding of diversity through the dissemination of information, recognition, professional development, and networking opportunities for All EMC employees.

  • Support EMC's Diversity Vision
  • Partner with Corporate Inclusion in EMC's Diversity Strategy
  • Collaborate with Community Involvement, Corporate Staffing, and other functions as needed
  • Support other EMC Employee Circles
  • All-inclusive organization representative of all voices in our membership
  • Holiday Can-a-Thon
  • Summer Harbor Cruise
  • 4th Annual Summer Outing
  • DEMC Canada Newsletter
  • Kuumba Storytellers of Georgia
  • Linkage Leading Diversity Summit
  • Georgia Chapter (P- Tamara Thornhill, VP- Inga Kearney)
  • Canadian Chapter (P-Kamran Bhatti [interim], VP- Christine Baird)
DEMC Family Picnic Photo

DEMC Family Picnic